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We started with Enjoyisrael.net because we believed that it would be a great opportunity to demonstrate how unique and attractive Israel is. Natural landscapes, scenery, good food, friendly people and much more are all characteristics of Israel. We would like to welcome everybody who wishes to share with us their nice and pleasant experiences in written and/or visual form. Do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you will take part in discussions and report many nice hints and tips on how to enjoy Israel as it has definitely something to offer for everyone. Shalom, come and walk with all of us in Israel. Wolfgang and Team


Walking in Israel for Czech forest / Český Les


I, Wolfgang Quilitz  58 years old and hopefully still in great shape and condition even when spending most of my time sitting in the office would like to engage in a walk across Israel with my three year old dog Kiba,  a breed between a  German Sheppard and an Alaskan Malamute.

For quite some time now I have been thinking about engaging myself in a special and unique activity which would involve nature and at the same time would be challenging.

When sharing my thoughts and discussing with Mrs Zosa from KKL we came up with the concept of performing a walk for a purpose and cause. We immediately knew that this was the perfect idea. The concept evolved to “Walking for the Czech forest”. (The Czech forest is a part of Yatir forest in Israel).

Would you like to walk and explore Israel with your dog, your friends and family or even by yourself?  Then we can help you. All of your questions are very welcome.

Do not hesitate to contact us: info@enjoyisrael.net

You can also inform yourself at: www.israeltrail.net or read the guide book from Yaakov Saar.




Starting from the end of February 2017, Kiba and I will perform a walk across the whole of Shvil Israel and will start our journey in Eilat.

We will have to walk an average of 45 km per day and perhaps even more.  The fastest run without a dog has been done in twelve days by  Richard Bowles from Australia. We would like to do it within 22 days or less.

A lot of preparation needs to be done for the trip. I know the Negev region and I know that it is not easy to perform this task especially with a dog. Since there are specific parts when I will have to carry Kiba, special equipment and a dog back pack will be necessary. We will also have a team supporting us on the trip with logistics, food and water.

****Terms and guidelines.****

Do you think we will manage to perform the walk across Shvil Israel in only 21 days? Do you think that we have what it takes?

If so then please sponsor a tree and make a donation to KKL Czech Republic.

-The fee for sponsoring a tree is 350 Kč,- per tree (13 Euro). The more trees you sponsor, the better the chance we have to reach our goal and make an actual difference.

-Each tree sponsored will have it’s unique identification number and will be part of our raffle. Five lucky winners will have the chance to win flight tickets to Israel.

Send us an email to: info@enjoyisrael.net with the number of trees you wish to sponsor and/or the amount you are willing to donate.

Thank you.


Fundraising and partners:


There are possibilities to place yours advertisement/logo on our web. If you are interested please contact: info@enjoyisrael.net

All the money will go directly to KKL for the Czech forest.  We sincerely hope and believe in your support. Thank you.

To learn more about KKL and the project Český Les please visit:

www.kkl-jnf.cz and www.jnf-kkl.de



Feel free to drop by or say hi. You will always be greeted with an enjoyable smile.)




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